Diamond-covered Mercedes Benz SL550

Diamond-covered Mercedes Benz SL550
The stylish and glamorous Mercedes Benz SL550 is certain appeals to most of us. But what if you have a diamond-covered SL550?

This one was unveiled at an auto show in oil-rich Dubai, most probably to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Mercedes Benz SL550. There’s no info if the diamonds are genuine or fake, but if they are for real, then only those who can afford most expensive islands in the world can lay their hands on this baby.

Link & Image: Jalopnik via The Auto Blog
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jonah said…
Wow! It looks cool! Mercedes is known as one of the top maker of luxury cars and quality car parts like mercedes catalytic converter - and this is just another proof. I wonder how its performance and handling? Though, one needs lots of $$$ to drive this kind of car! *sighs*