Latest updates on Ratatouille: Pixar's new animated film

We've previously introduced Ratatouille - an upcoming animated feature film produced by Pixar about a rat named Remy who wants to be a fine chef in a top French restaurant in Paris.

Included below are some of the new content for the film, including:

1. Two rough animation tests called: “Emile’s Workout”.

2.“Emile’s Magic Trick”

More information after the jump.

3. 9-minutes of the film.

Images for the film can be viewed and downloaded here.

Thanks, Jennifer !

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Danny Dare said…
Wow, I enjoyed watching those movie clips - thanks! I'm based in England, and we unfortunately have to wait a good while longer to see Ratatouille over here than everyone in the States (we're only just into Shrek the Third here now - another great all-CGI movie). Still, I'm looking forward to seeing Ratatouille even more now after seeing your clips. It promises to continue to be a wonderful year for movies, perhaps the best ever.

All the very best,

Pete (a Pixar-loving Geek).