Man wakes up from 19-year coma

Jan GrzebskiA Polish man who went into a coma after being hit by a train in 1988, has woken up to a very different Poland.

Railway worker Jan Grzebski woke up to find that he had 11 grandchildren, his four kids were married and Poland was no longer a communist country.

Poland was still a Communist country when 65-year-old railway worker suffered an accident. Doctors had then said that he would live for just two-three years. However, the tireless care of his wife Gertruda finally bore fruit.

Jan told Polish television that his survival was due to the efforts of his wife Gertruda. She maintained round-the-clock care of him during his coma, and was reported to have turned him every hour to prevent bed sores.

He said that while in a coma he had vague memories of family gatherings and his wife and children trying to communicate with him.

Jan showed his first signs of recovery in April this year. He was then taken to a hospital in Dzialdow where he went through intense rehabilitation that brought spectacular results.

''After the first few days of rehabilitation he already started to talk and move his fingers and toes,'' said Wojciech Pstragowsk, rehabilitation specialist.

Link & Image: Ndtv
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