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Pet lion, tiger kill man at feeding time

LionA lion and a tiger kept as exotic pets on the roof of a Mexican meat processing plant have killed a man feeding them, Mexican media have said.

Caretaker Angel Aguilar, 56, was taking pieces of chicken to feed the two big cats when the lion swiped at him through the bars of its cage and pulled him inside, Reforma daily said.

The tiger then joined in the attack.

Paramedics arrived at the plant in the Mexico City suburb of Iztapalapa while the man was still alive but they could not get past the animals to treat him.

The two big cats, which had separate quarters of a big cage but came together to eat, were kept by the plant's owner as pets and in good condition, according to reports.

After the attack, which left scraps of bloodstained clothing on the floor of the cage, the animals were sedated and the tiger's jaws tied around a chunk of wood.

The tiger later died, apparently of suffocation, after being transported by animal protection authorities to a nearby zoo in a small container.

The lion survived the journey.

Link: The Australian
Image: Flickr
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