Smallest and cutest animals!

The 4.9 inch chihuahua may be the world's smallest dog, but here's a list from DailyMail of the most ridiculously cute animals you will ever see.

Mr Peebles
Meet Mr Peebles, the world's smallest short-haired domestic cat, measures just 6.1in - the size of a typical six months old kitten. After being rescued from a house where he was badly treated, he lives in a vet's clinic in the U.S.

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Brookesia minima
The Brookesia minima is the smallest species of chameleon. This one is just half an inch. Found on the rainforest floor of Nosy Be Island off the north-west coast of Madagascar, females tend to be larger than males.

Only slightly bigger than a 50p piece, PeeWee is the smallest hamster in the world. Weighing less than an ounce, the golden hamster stopped growing when he was three weeks old - his five brothers and sisters went on to measure between 4in and 5in.

The world's smallest known lizard, the Jaragua Sphaero or dwarf gecko, measures only 0.6in from the base of its tail to its snout. This endangered species lives in Jaragua National Park in the Dominican Republic and on Beata Island off the southern coast of Hispaniola.

Tiny Tim is a 0.75in Roborovski - the world's smallest breed of domestic hamster. The Mongolian mammals were imported to Britain by London Zoo in the Sixties, and they are never more than 2in.

This black-headed sagui dwarf monkey from Brazil measures 4in and weighs 5.6oz. They are found in a small area between two remote rivers. The breed was discovered only ten years ago when a local man found one on a boat and showed it to a scientist, who tested its DNA.

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Source: DailyMail
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