The treats that owners can share with their pets

BiscuitsA bakery company has come up with a range of dog treats that owners can share with their pets.

With names such as Liver Love and Carob Crunch, the new delicacies are unlikely to replace the digestive or rich tea as Britain's favourite biscuits.

The Alldog Bakery range is stamped proudly with the label "Made with human quality ingredients", many of which it says are organic.

The bakery's chief taster Leila Konig said: "They are much harder than human biscuits to suit dogs' teeth and the sweet range are best taken with a cup of tea.

"There are no unnatural ingredients, no preservatives and no additives. And they're really quite moreish.

"My personal favourites are the Honey Hearts which are a blend of wholemeal flour, maize meal, milk, honey, treacle and dessicated coconut."

Link & Image: This Is London
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