Why Most Women Prefer Chocolate To Sex

WomenMost women would rather eat chocolate than have sex - because chocolate "never disappoints", it has been claimed.
A poll by Cadbury revealed that while nearly nine in ten men would shun the sweet stuff in favour of something more saucy between the sheets, 52% of women would prefer to tuck into the sugary treat.

Cadbury said more women than men (53% versus 38%) knew that chocolate releases endorphins.

Paul Hebblethwaite, the firm's global science director, said: "It's not just the endorphins that makes chocolate so enjoyable.

"As it melts in the mouth at body temperature, chocolate's creamy texture and unique aroma hit all of the body's senses, heightening the sensuality of the experience."

The region which would generally rather get their kicks from chocolate than sex is the East of England (40%).

Most Londoners prefer sex, the highest of any region at 79%.

So ladies, would you prefer chocolate too?

Source: Sky News
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