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The world's largest and most luxurious limousine

Midnight RiderThe Midnight Rider is the world’s largest and grandest limousine. In fact, she is a traveling luxury ground vehicle, cruising Southern California and Las Vegas with an 1,800 watt Sony surround sound system in each of her three lounges, large screen televisions, a full bar, two bartenders… and yes, a bathroom!

Representative of the luxury days of railroad travel, she is classified as a “Tractor-Trailer Limousine”, and is the only one ever built. The air-ride suspension makes for a ride so comfortable, it allows you to stand up and move from lounge to lounge, mingling and partying with your group.

Midnight Rider
Link & Image: THe Midnight Rider
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Yes, this limousine looks very expensive and huge. I like it, but I'm afraid not so many people can afford it, even only for rent.

It is designed only for the rich and famous I guess!

You’re the luckiest person in this world if you have got a chance to taste the ultimate luxurious voyage in such a limo. Unfortunately just a few can do it...

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