$205,000 saucepan brings bling to your cooker

Diamond encrusted saucepanThe 11in pot, which has solid gold handles studded with 200 diamonds, is made by German cookware firm Fissler. Wealthy cooks can pick one up made to order at Harrods for £100,000 ($205,000).

The manufacturer insists it can be used like any other saucepan in the range.
Although decorated with almost 2lb (0.9 kg) of gold, it could be a little heavier than your average aluminium pan.

Fissler is hoping it will be included in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most precious pot.
A forkIf fine dining rather than cooking is more to your taste, you might prefer the 144-piece solid silver cutlery set, set with 4,000 diamonds, on sale at Selfridges for £200,000 ($410,000).

Kit Li-Perry, head of the homewares department at the London store, said: 'This wonderful cutlery set is catering for customers who have a passion for craftsmanship of the highest order where money is no object.'

Link & Image: DailyMail
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