Adventurer sets off for Atlantic in 'tiny' balloon

Hot air balloonAdventurer David Hempleman-Adams today set off on what he described as his toughest challenge yet as he attempts to fly across the Atlantic in a tiny hot-air balloon.

The 50-year-old, from Box, Wiltshire, was cheered by a crowd of well-wishers as he launched his "ultra basic" helium balloon at 1am from St John's in Newfoundland, Canada, and disappeared into murky, grey clouds.

Hempleman-Adams hopes to complete the Toshiba Transatlantic Challenge when he lands in southern England or northern France in four days' time.

However, he has no way of navigating the balloon and will be at the mercy of the winds, and could end up almost anywhere in Europe.

The balloon - the smallest to ever take on the challenge - is described as "no bigger than a front room" and his home for the voyage is a two-metre wicker basket, which is open to the elements.

Link & Image: Telegraph
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