Albuquerque Restaurant Uses Foldable Motorcycle As Anti-DWI Tool

ScooterThe Barley Room Bar & Grill offers a service in which General Manager Phil Lovato will ride around on a motorcycle that might look at home in a three-ring circus.
As funny as that might sound, it isn't meant to be amusing.

"Our main goal is to make sure people stay safe," Lovato said one day last week as he folded a circus-clown-size motorcycle into a package the size of a large suitcase.

The Northeast Heights restaurant sees the tiny motorcycle as an innovative way to help its patrons get home with their own vehicles and, most important, without driving drunk.

Here's how it works: The motorcycle, once folded, is placed in the trunk of a bar patron's vehicle. A member of the restaurant staff drives customer and car home. Once there, the Barley Room worker unfolds the motorcycle and drives it back to the restaurant.

The customer ends up home safe without driving drunk and the vehicle parked in the driveway rather than at the bar.

The Barley Room, 5200 Eubank Blvd. N.E., charges $20 for the service, which has been available for about a month.

Link & Image: Albuquerque Tribune
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Anonymous said…
We've been doing that for years in England!