Ben's the new kid on the grid

BenA four-year-old racing prodigy, discovered on the karting circuit where Formula One ace Lewis Hamilton began his career, has been signed on a five-year deal as a works driver.

Ben Kasperczak was only three when given a contract by Motorsport World at his local track, Rye House, in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, three months ago, and he is believed to be the youngest person yet to be signed as a works driver.

The white crash helmet he wears dominates his frame; he is still at pre-school and is not yet out of night nappies. He cannot even ride a bicycle without stabilisers. Away from his kart, where he has absolute focus, he is like any other four-year-old, with his father Paul pleading with him not to climb on the table and roll around on the floor while I attempt to interview a potential racing genius.

Yet Ben's driving is staggering. He tears into corners, his eyes flashing as he demonstrates an innate driving ability.

His talent was discovered quite by chance when his parents bought him a battery-powered kart when he was 2½. Within 15 minutes, his mum and dad had noticed he had an uncanny knowledge of what he was doing.

According to British karting rules, Ben is not eligible to compete until his eighth birthday in events in this country, but Motorsport World are intending to take him to compete in events in Belgium and Italy for drivers aged six and over.

Link & Image: Telegraph
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