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Blue Lagoon Island Resort on Sale

Blue Lagoon Island Resort on Sale on eBayThis island with a world class resort development (80% complete) is on sale on eBay for $342,025. Not sure if there is anything wrong with it though since it is sold at such a low price. But one has to admit it is quite a beautiful island.

The 225 acre island is 1 mile long by 1/3 mile wide with 150 foot elevations, surrounded by a 5,000 acre lagoon which completely encircles the island, offering protection from extreme tides and providing the island with calm tranquil waters ideally suited for water sports.

The island has spectacular sugar-white beaches on the east and western sides of the island, with the villa development on the western side to take advantage of the magnificent South Pacific sunsets. The island was an operating coconut plantation in the 19th century leaving the entire island is scattered with swaying coconut palms creating the ultimate tropical ambiance.

Blue Lagoon Island Resort on Sale on eBay
Link & Image: eBay

Update: Towards the bottom of the eBay page, it actually says 25 million euros ($34.14 million). So it's not that cheap after all.

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when you scroll down the ebay-listing, they tell you it's 25.000.000 euros instead of 250.000 ...

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