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Boy Has Unusual Passion For Vacuums

Kyle Krichbaum is obsessed with vacuumsTo most 12-year-olds, vacuuming is about as appealing as algebra. But to Kyle Krichbaum of Adrian, Mich., it's pure joy.

Kyle tells CBS News correspondent that he likes vacuums better than "everything." Kyle's mom, MaryLynn, says the fire's been burning since before he could say "Hoover."

"When Kyle was a baby in his little baby seat and I'd be vacuuming, he would just be mesmerized by the vacuum and he would just; he'd follow it everywhere," she says.

Kyle got his first vacuum at age 1, dressed up as a Dirt Devil for Halloween at 2, and, as a former teacher recalls, was vacuuming during school recess at age 6.

"It's not that he didn't like recess. He just preferred to stay inside vacuuming," he says. "He would go down and, actually, one day vacuum one side of the room, the next day vacuum the other side. [He'd] also vacuum the principal's office — anywhere he could vacuum."

Today, Kyle has 165 vacuums. He uses almost all of them, vacuuming his own house up to five times a day.

His sweepers fill up almost every room in his house with one exception: his older sister Michelle's.

"He's constantly vacuuming," she says. "That's all I hear. It's always loud in my house. I'm just like why, why, why, why, why, why? I don't understand"

Hartmansays Kyle is intent on creating the first soundless vacuum, something that would be a boon to older sisters everywhere.

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Video & Source: Wcco
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