Bra scientists find formula for that perfect fit

BraCurvy women could soon find a bra revolution making life slightly more comfortable.

For 70 years bra designers have stuck to a formula which decides sizes through measuring under and across the bust.

But now researchers in Hong Kong have come up with a different mathematical equation which they say will produce shapelier outlines and greater comfort for Chinese women. If successful, their bra-sizing system could be adopted across the globe.

They say there are more than 100 key measurements necessary to produce the perfect fit, and bra sizes should be based on a new depth/width ratio - or DWR.

The report points out that as many as 70 per cent of women in Britain are wearing the wrong-sized bra.

Currently, they say, the size and volume of a B cup on a small ribcage, for example, is different from that on a large chest. It could correspond not only to a 34B, but sometimes to a 32C or a 36A.

By using the DWR method, they aim to increase the number of existing bra sizes by between eight and 16 size combinations - offering more choice to women.

"This is the first time that a bra-sizing system protocol has been proposed based on 3D nude breast characteristics," they say. "Besides the intimate apparel industry, the new breast sizing system may be applied in the medical field to identify the breast size for plastic surgery or other apparel product development."

Link & Image: Telegraph
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