Bridge used as a musical instrument for music

Musician Joseph Bertolozzi demonstrating the use of a bridge as a musical instrumentNew York musician Joseph Bertolozzi used a Hudson river suspension bridge, in Kingston, New York as a giant musical instrument on Monday.

Bertolozzi is preparing a score for a live concert he hopes to hold on the bridge with 24 other musicians to celebrate the 2009 Quadricentennial of Henry Hudson's voyage up the river.Bureau Report

Bertolozzi gathers sound by using a combination of wooden sticks and rubber and metal mallets he bangs against the cables, railings, spindles and other parts of the bridge.

"In order to play the bridge, we're going to use different kinds of mallets...and just playing it like a large percussion instrument, just like a big xylophone," he said.

The sounds are recorded using microphones that are attached to the surface which are then mixed and recorded on a computer by his sound engineer Ron Kuhnke.

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Video: Reuters
Source: Zee News
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