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Cardboard dumpling report exposed as Chinese TV hoax

BunA report on cardboard-filled buns being sold in Beijing was a hoax by local TV, state press said Thursday.

The report broadcast last week by Beijing TV Station generated wide national and international attention as the latest in a string of harmful China-produced foods.
But Xinhua news agency said it was a hoax perpetrated by a temporary employee of the station who has since been detained by police.

The "expose" purportedly showed a seller of the buns, known as "baozi," softening shredded cardboard with an industrial chemical and fortifying the bogus meat with a bit of fatty pork.

A subsequent investigation found that the television producer, identified only by his surname Zi, had provided the ingredients to a migrant worker who was then filmed making the buns, Xinhua said.

"(Zi) filmed the entire process, turned it in after some editing, and used trickish means to get his work aired," it said.

Link & Image: Yahoo News
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