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Carp smashes world record

Largest CarpOne angling guide from Thailand has managed to catch what is believed to be the largest carp ever caught in the history of sport fishing. Click on image for a larger view.

Fishing Adventures Thailand professional guide Kik's carp was found to weigh some 265 pounds (120 kg) after he caught it on the Bung Sam Lan Lake on July 2nd.

The guide had only gone out to the waterway to test a new custom-built fishing rod he had been developing and ended up catching the largest Siamese giant carp ever recorded.

Kik, who has been a guide at Jean-Francois Helias' team since its inception, is not just an expert angler, being renowned for his status as one of Thailand's pre-eminent rod builders and water lure hand-makers.

Source: Fish & Fly
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