Cat Becomes Surrogate Mother To Ducklings

Cat Becomes Surrogate Mother To DucklingsAt first glance it looks like these ducklings don't stand a chance of survival. But this three-year-old moggie is not eyeing up a tasty snack. Instead she has become their surrogate mother.

Her owner Norio Endo had bought a pair of spot-billed duck eggs from a local farmer in Sugito village in Japan. However, when they hatched he shut his cat Hiroko in the same room as the ducklings by mistake.

Mr Endo returned fearing the worst, but found the unusual trio snuggled together and Hiroko looking after the fowl as if they were her own.

The caring feline, who had recently lost three kittens, had chosen to adopt them. She gently grooms her feathery friends and allows them to cuddle up for warmth.

Link & Image: DailyMail
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