Chef serves twitching fish

Twitching FishAnimal lovers have slammed a Taiwanese chef for serving a gourmet dish that included a deep fried fish with its head still twitching, a newspaper reported Sunday.

The chef serves the carp with its body deep-fried and covered with sweet and sour sauce, the mass-circulation United Daily News said.

"When eaters pick the fresh meat with their chopsticks, they can watch the fish's stirring mouth," the report said.

Animal lovers have criticized the practice, saying deep frying the fish while alive puts it through extreme pain.

The chef in the southern city of Chiayi said the dish — called "yin yang fish" — is popular in China, where chefs use it to show customers how fresh the food is.

"I've tried my best to offer my customers the finest dishes," the report quoted the chef, who was only identified by his surname, Wang, as saying.

Officials in Chiayi promised to persuade Wang to drop the dish from his menu, the report said.

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Source: USA Today
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