Chinese woman dies after falling into Congo volcano

VolcanoA Chinese tourist who fell into the crater of a volcano in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has died, a scientist at a local research centre said on Saturday.

Cecilia Cheng Siuyan climbed over the crater rim of the Nyiragongo volcano near Congo's border with Rwanda on Friday to take a photo but slipped and fell more than 100 metres (300 feet) before coming to rest on a ledge above the lake of lava.

"She is dead, but they haven't yet been able to remove the body," Celestin Kasereka, director of the volcanological observatory in the nearby city of Goma, told Reuters.

Siuyan initially showed signs of life and continued to move after the fall. But rescue efforts on Friday were called off due to poor visibility.

A team of 20 Indian peacekeepers from Congo's U.N. mission along with volcanologist Jacques Durieux were attempting to retrieve the body.

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Image: Flickr/Weegolo
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