Crow that drinks lager barred by fed up landlady

A crow hooked on lagerA crow hooked on lager sticks his beak in his favourite tipple — defying a furious landlady who has barred him from her pub. The boozy bird — nicknamed Carling by drinkers — swoops on customers’ pints whenever they turn their backs.

Sarah Wyatt, manager of the David Protheroe pub in Neath, South Wales, moaned yesterday: “At first everyone thought it was funny. “Then a bird expert pointed out he’s a carrion crow which feeds off dead animals. We’ve told all our customers he is banned. If they see him they should chase him off.”

Regular Steve Morgan, 31, said: “If you nip to the loo you come back and find him supping your beer. “I’m glad he’s been banned. You never know where his beak’s been.”

Link & Image: The Sun
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