Curious cat survives 19 days on high seas

A cat named SpiceA 3-year-old calico cat survived a nearly 3-week voyage from Hawaii to San Bernardino, Calif., with no food or water.

Spice, a cat owned by Pamela Escamilla, was accidentally sealed inside a 20-foot Matson storage container filled with household goods June 15, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Calif.) reported Friday.

The Escamilla family, thinking the cat had run away, departed for California. The Matson container arrived at Pamela Escamilla's parents' house Tuesday, 18 days after it began its ocean voyage, and the family peered inside to find tufts of cat hair littering the storage container.

"We really thought that cat was going to be dead," said Edward Gardner, Escamilla's father. However, Escamilla found the starving cat alive and rushed it to a veterinarian.

Escamilla said the vet gave the cat, which was suffering from shrunken kidneys and backed up bowels, a positive prognosis.

Source: Star Bulletin & Earth Times
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