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Daredevil dog prefers riding on car not in it

Dodo, the daredevil dogA daring five year old dog in Connecticut sees the world from a very unique perspective. . . from atop his owner's rumble seat.

Desperado, who's nickname is Dodo, is a Pomeranian who likes the ride on top of the trunk of her owner's convertible.

It began immediately after he was rescued from a neglected life in a cage.

"Before I pulled out of the driveway, he just jumped up there with no anchoring, no tethering and my reaction was like everybody -- "What are you doing?" So knowing what he wanted to do, I made sure he was safe, and I had it checked it out with the local canine officers and some other police officers," explained Tammy Zinick.

Local animal control officers confirm Tammy Zinick is not breaking any laws.

Dodo is in a safety harness and tethered to the back seat belt.

With the wind in his face and sunglasses protecting his eyes, he is a head turner.

Video: Liveleak
Source: 9news
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