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Dog's Barking Leads To Rescue Of 2 Kayakers

SmoochThis is the kind of story you might have seen on the old television series "Lassie." Randy and Kristine Ronback adopted ‘Smooch’ only two weeks ago.

They got the 2-year-old border collie to help geese off the lawn of their picturesque home on the Amityville river. It's a job their other pets didn't show much interest in, but little did they know Smooch would end up a hero.

It all began at breakfast Sunday morning. “Smooch all of a sudden started barking and didn't stop,” said Kristine Ronback. Apparently, the dog noticed that two kayakers, a man and a woman, were in distress on the river.

“I came out to see what was going on, and there was a boat, a little kayak overturned and there were two people in the water,” said Ronback.

The wind was pushing them away from their boat, so Randy Ronback, a marine contractor by trade, quickly got into his boat to help, and reached them within minutes.

Link & Image: Wcbstv
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aww I love the dog rescue stories!

I love dogs!

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