A drinking den for Tokyo trainspotters

Panorama train bar in TokyoYou don't have to be a trainspotter to enjoy the Panorama train bar in Tokyo, but it certainly helps.

Wedged between nightclubs and karaoke parlours on a back alley of the glitzy Ginza shopping district, the bar attracts railway fans of all ages who sip cocktails while watching miniature electric trains whizz around the counter.

Glass cases stuffed with tiny carriages line the walls, barmen and customers chat about Manchurian trains and other trainspotting favourites, and even the names of the drinks are railway in-jokes.

Japan has hundreds of clubs and bars catering to its "otaku" or geek culture, from computer nerds to comic book fans, and the Panorama bar has clearly found a profitable niche -- the owner plans to open another franchise soon.

Link & Image: Yahoo News
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