Drummer who started at age 2

Tyler HudsonTyler Hudson is a talented drummer who started off when he was just 2 years old. He is now 12 years old.

Having a professional guitarist/singer for a father and growing up in the Boston area, Tyler has been exposed to musicians and music all his life. Tyler's fascination with the drums began when he was about three years old when his parents agreed to store a friend's drum set in their living room while he relocated. The attraction to something that makes sounds from hitting it with a stick was all he needed to know. From the first time he sat down at a drum kit he had a grasp of rhythm that was remarkable. Self taught by listening to CD's and watching videos, Tyler was told he was already playing at a high school level when he began formal training at age 6 with Berklee graduate Shawn Meehan. Tyler now takes instruction from Berklee teacher Mike Mangini.

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