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Experimental jet successfully flew for the first time

Experimental jetAn experimental jet that resembles a flying wing successfully flew for the first time in a program that could lead to more fuel-efficient, quieter and higher-capacity aircraft, NASA said.

The remotely controlled 225-kilogram, three-engine jet with a 6.5-metre wingspan took off July 20, climbed to an altitude of nearly 2,300 metres and landed about a half-hour later, NASA's Dryden Flight Research Centre said Thursday.

The X-48B resembles a flying wing, but the wing blends into a wide, flat and tailless fuselage, NASA and Boeing said.

The design is intended to provide more lift with less drag compared with the cylindrical fuselage of a traditional aircraft, reducing fuel consumption while cruising.

The engines are located high on the back of the aircraft, which should mean it is quieter inside and less noise reaches the ground during flights.

Link & Image: The Star
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