Free bed for world's tallest man

Tallest ManBao Xishun, 56, 7ft 9ins tall, of Inner Mongolia, China, is to marry 5ft 6ins tall Xia Shujuan, 29, later this week.

But they feared they would not be able to live together as they couldn't find furniture big enough for their new apartment, reports Zhejiang Online.

"After an exhaustive search and with the help of friends, a furniture company finally agreed to make us a whole set of furniture," says Bao happily.

"The most important piece is the bed, since I broke two beds before, and some people started to call me 'Break two beds'."

The new bed is 9ft long and 7ft wide: "I hope I won't break this one also," added Bao.

The furniture company agreed to make the furniture for free after hearing how he had been officially named the world's tallest man by the Guinness Book of Records.

Link & Image: Ananova
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