Get ready for...Lemmy the giant Lobster

Lemmy the giant LobsterHe came from beneath the waves off the South-West coast, a terrifying creature who lived in an old boiler at the bottom of the English Channel.

He is almost 1m long (3ft 3in), three three times the size of a normal lobster and proved to be a real catch for one diver in Dorset, who unlike Captain Ahab, managed to conquer his watery foe.

'It was absolutely huge, I could hardly get my hand across the back of its shell,' said the experienced diver.

'You'd need a saddle to ride it. It was very aggressive, ugly and massive and it immediately reminded me of Lemmy, the singer from Motörhead,' he added.

Fortunately for 4.5kg (10lb 4oz) Lemmy, who is thought to be 50 years old he is too big to fit in a cooking pot.

Instead, he is settling into his new home – a tank at Weymouth Sea Life Centre.

Link & Image: Metro
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