The GPS that can tag your teenager absolutely anywhere

BuddiIt could be the perfect answer for parents anxious about their children's whereabouts.

A device the size of a large matchbox is being launched that exactly pinpoints a carrier's location through a global positioning system accessed by computer or mobile phone.

The gadget, called buddi, can be clipped to children's clothing or carried in their pockets. Parents then log on to see their child's position on a detailed map via satellite tracking.

Buddi also has two buttons that can be pressed if the wearer is lost or in trouble to alert friends or relatives through an emergency call centre active 24 hours a day.

It is the first such device to be launched in Britain and is the brainchild of Sara Murray, 38, a former marketing consultant. She spent two years developing the idea as a result of her own experiences as mother of a daughter, now 14.

Link & Image: This Is London
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Anonymous said…
Britain is becoming the total surveillance society.
alisonYor said…
It's not really the first to launch in the UK. Blue Tree Services offers BlueRanger which is also aimed at tracking children, teenagers, vulnerable people (eg. Alzheimer's sufferers) and lone workers.

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