The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole
The Great Blue HolePictured above is a 400 feet (123m) wide “Great Blue Hole” attraction located approximately 60 miles (96.5km) from Belize City. During the Ice Age, it is an entrance to a cave system. Now, it is a magnet for divers.

For all the practical purposes the over 400-foot depth makes the Blue Hole a bottomless pit. The walls are sheer from the surface until a depth of approximately 110 feet where you will begin to encounter stalactite formations which actually angle back, allowing you to dive underneath monstrous overhangs. Hovering amongst the stalactites, you can’t help but feel humbled by the knowledge that the massive formation before you once stood high and dry above the surface of the sea eons ago.

The following site has more information about it.

Link & Image: Dive Belize via Neatorama
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