Guitar Drifting

Erik Mongrain playing a composition he made 7 years ago in the streets of Spain. A beautiful and unique style for playing the guitar.

Erik Mongrain was born in Montreal on April 12, 1980. At 14, he received a classical guitar as a gift and learnt by ear his favourite songs. Over the following four years, he learned guitar on his own, composed his own music.

He made a major discovery with the contemporary music of a Californian named Michael Hedges. “It was a true revelation to me, I had finally found my niche” stated Erik. He is still a great fan of Michael Hedges until this day.

During that time, he discovered and experimented with a technique, which was unknown to him until then, “lap taping” – “I immediately adopted that technique.” With the guitar on his lap, he taped the cords as if it were a piano. The effect was spectacular!

Video: YouTube via I Am Bored
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