Hangzhou's X zebra crossing

Hangzhou's X zebra crossing
The intersection point of Hangzhou's Yanan road and Ping Hai has recently been updated with a pair of diagonal zebra crossings, which is the first in China.

Many pedestrians were very keen in trying out the new zebra crossings, commenting that this new change was creative, brought more convenience to pedestrians and even brought a sense of human touch!

Without this new system, one would normally walk in a path of 7 with 2 traffic lights to reach the diagonal end point, taking about 28 to 49 seconds. By using the diagonal zebra crossing, one would only require about 20 seconds.

However, the traffic police warned that everyone is still required to obey the traffic rules when using the diagonal zebra crossings, i.e. all pedestrian traffic lights are green and vehicles traffic lights are red.

Hangzhou's X zebra crossing
Link & Image: CriOnline
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