Hello: It's one smart dog

A dog named Hello stands at the edge of Yung Po's betel nut stand in Taiwan. Whenever a customer comes to the door, this popular dog uses its muzzle to open the refrigerator and takes out a box of betel nuts for the customer. It makes a series of quick jumps to reach the counter and hands over the betel nuts to the customer. To complete the transaction, it grabs the paper bill given by the customer in its mouth and gives it to Yung Po. This interesting show has certainly attracted and opened the eyes of many people who like to chew betel nuts.

Yung Po sometimes places some money in a plastic bag and with the money held in its mouth, Hello make a trip to the convenience store located next door to buy a either a hot dog, chewing gum or canned dog food. Hello will lean against the counter to make its purchase. The staff at the convenience store then hands over the food to Hello, collecting the money at the same time. Often, onlookers stare at the scene with bewilderment. Hello is also a polite customer, as it would queue up if there are many customers at the convenience store.

Hello even used to make betel nuts deliveries, but this service has been canceled after it was nearly knocked down by a vehicle.

Now Hello is hooked on performing magic tricks, such as making a cigarette disappear and reappear as demonstrated in the video.

Video: Yahoo Video
Source: 21CN
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