Helmet that makes you look like a badass but helps you breath!

Breath Air HelmetThis cycling helmet may not look good on the outside, but it sure is good on the inside -- that is if you have breathing problems.
Could this be the future of cycling helmets? If 22-year-old industrial design student Luke Pannell has his way, it will be.

The "Breathe Air" helmet may bear an uncanny resemblance to those super-powered helmets worn by Matt Trakker & co., but the Brunel University student designer insists it has a function other than looking badass; namely, to help cyclists breath more easily.

According to Pannell, the helmet effectively filters out nasty particles that may irritate hay fever and asthma sufferers by covering the cyclist's nose and mouth with a shield--a shield that happens to resemble a devious grin if you look at it closely.

Link & Image: Gearlog
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