How to green your sex life

FlowersLet's face it.. while it might not be the first thing you think of while working towards a sustainable and graceful life on this fragile planet, but there's a lot you can do to make your sex life greener. In the process of greening the ecological footprint of your love making, we might also open up some new doors to deeper pleasure, satisfaction, and romantic connection.

Here's some suggested tips for a greener sex life:

1. Green and sexy fun

Sexy play can be green and efficient as well. As seen on TreeHugger TV, showering together can save water (but if things get steamier, we suggest taking it to the bedroom and not leaving the shower running). In the winter time, some nice warm loving before bed can get the bedroom toasty, meaning the thermostat can be lower (see How to Green Your Heating, for more). A nice bike ride for two is a fossil-fuel-free way to get the blood flowing and can also be quite stimulating. And of course the classic candle-lit dinner is a delicious way to set the mood and save on energy bills.

2. Natural aphrodisiacs

Since days of yore, lovers have turned to natural herbs and special foods to find stimulation, endurance, and sexual health. While we can't vouch for any of these, and all supplements should be taken with caution and/or professional advise, it is rumored that herbs like ginseng, kava kava root, damiana leaves, kelp, tribulus, ginko biloba, rhodiola rosea, and of course horny goat weed can help stoke the flames of passion--even more so if certified organic. A host of foods are also used to stimulate the sexual senses, and of course organic wine and Champaign are trusted aphrodisiacs as well.

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Source: Live Earth
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