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Jet ski plunge over spillway

Jet SkiRescuers saved a woman clinging to a tree limb as fast-moving waters threatened to carry her away after she and a man riding a jet ski plunged 20 to 25 feet (6.1 to 7.2m) over the Lewisville Lake spillway Friday night.

Carrollton Swift Water Rescue Team members trekked by foot for an hour through overgrown brush and poison ivy to save the woman from the torrent, and the Lewisville Dive Rescue Team treated the man who had made his way to shore.

The man and woman, who were wearing lifejackets, were transported by CareFlite helicopter ambulance to Methodist Hospital in Dallas, Lewisville Fire Chief Richard Lasky said. The man sustained serious injuries, but the woman’s condition was unknown Friday night.

According to a witness, the Waverunner jet ski traveled at a high speed before it jumped the spillway and sent the man and woman tumbling.

“It was like a ramp. They came off that thing and bounced and rolled and fell,” Lasky said. “I don’t think anyone would do that on purpose. They obviously didn’t see [the spillway]. This was a terrible accident.”

Video after the jump.

Video: Fox4
Source: Star
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