Kandu The Dog Brings Hope To Hospital Patients

Kandu the dogNearly 2 years after he was taken to the Evergreen Animal Protective League to be euthanized, Kandu the dog has a new home with a family near Steamboat Springs. The Rogers have given the Jack Russell Terrier special devices to help him get around, ski and serve as an inspiration to people.

The 10.5 pound dog, whose previous owner thought couldn't have a good quality of life because he was born without his two front legs, now serves as a therapy dog as part of the Heeling Friends Program. Kandu visits hospital patients to give them hope.

"He's just joy," said Melissa Uchitelle-Rogers. "That's all he is, he's just pure joy."

Kandu now mostly moves around on a specially designed set of wheels that weigh 6.5 pounds (3 kg).

Video after the jump.

Video & Source: Cbs4