Lifesize cut-outs to slow down traffic

Traffic flow along Main street has frightened children for a long time. "The speed limit is 55 MPH just down the street," explained Mike Wood, who lives near the downtown area. "Then over here, it changes to 35 mph so cars come speeding by."

Then Wood put some pictures of his children in his front yard and ever since then, drivers have been slowing down. Some even take the time to call him on the phone. Often, they're yelling.

"At first they're mad because they think, why are these people letting their kids out by the road," he said.

Those pictures are life-size cut-out posters. They're so realistic, that Wood played a joke on his neighbors with the first one he made. He placed it in their front yard, and after several hours and several glances out the window, they called him up.

Link & Image: Wkyc
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