Live scorpions used for jewelry security

ScorpionAmong the sparkling stones and precious metals in South Lyon Watch and Jewelry's display cases lives a small but menacing security team: live scorpions.

The dozen or so scorpions guard the store's one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry designs. "Everyone loves them," owner Scott Ward said.

The scorpions got the gig last spring, when Ward put together a Southwestern-themed display, complete with turquoise and silver jewelry.

The eight-legged arthropods were such a hit that when Ward removed them, customers kept asking their whereabouts. "I took them home last winter but the inquiries kept coming. I never thought I'd be the owner of scorpions. But they're no hassle at all. We round them up and feed them crickets at night and let them roam the cases during the day," he said.

A sign at Eight Mile and Pontiac Trail advertises the store as "the world's most dangerous jeweler."

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Source: DetNews
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