Love songs for sharks

Music sheetThe theme tune from one of Hollywood's greatest epics could provide the key for scientists hoping for love-shy sharks to mate and produce offspring at Blackpool's Sea Life Centre.

Staff at the Promenade's tourist attraction have begun piping the romantic music of Mozart, Beethoven and Puccini into the tank inhabited by Bloodnose, a 20-year-old male brown shark and 15-year-old female Lucy, who have failed to get amorous since being brought to the centre 12 months ago.

But it is the theme tune to Titanic which has led to the most response from the potential mum and dad according to workers at the centre.

Display supervisor Carey Duckhouse said: "We want to play them the kind of soft and emotional music that inspires powerful emotions in humans.

Although attempts to awaken desire in the fish might appear frivolous, Carey quoted a study at the Rowland Institute in Cambridge, USA, that found fish could listen and process music in a similar way to human beings.

Source: The Citizen
Image: Flickr/selva
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