Man bites dog to death to save pet

MouthA man in Central China's Hubei Province is believed to have saved his pet dog from death in the jaws of a strange dog by biting the attacker to death, according to a local newspaper.

The villager, surnamed Geng, in Yangfan Town, Xingtai County, was unwilling to talk much about the incident last Saturday when interviewed by the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily.

"I was on the night guard of my watermelon field when I heard cries from my pet dog," Geng said.

He said he was astonished to see a huge strange dog holding his pet in its mouth and the smaller dog couldn't even struggle.

Geng felt anxious and picked up a watermelon and threw it at the big dog to drive it away but without success.

"I threw several watermelons towards it, but all in vain. And it seemed that my pet would be bitten to death soon," Geng said.

He described how he "strangled" the big dog in a 10-minute fight which left him with two bleeding wounds on the shoulders.

However, villagers told the newspaper that a wound could be easily seen on the dead dog's neck, and it was a wound that could be caused only by biting.

Geng is famous in the village for usually biting others when in a fight, villagers said. Geng's family told the newspaper that they spent at least 1,000 yuan (US$132) for medical treatment for Geng after the dog fight. They said he was recovering.

"Please don't reveal the dog was bitten to death," requested one relative.

Source: Shanghai Daily
Image: Flickr/Fran-cis-ca
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