Man goes nowhere for record

Eddy KonteljA Tasmanian man has battled fatigue, aching limbs and blisters on his bottom to smash the world static cycling record.

Eddy Kontelj passed the previous record of 111 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds at 3.12pm in Burnie yesterday and is expected to keep on cycling until at least today to create a formidable target for potential challengers.

He started his mammoth journey on Monday, and is expected to cover more than 2500km before he leaves the saddle.

"It feels fantastic -- we put a lot of hard work into preparing for the event and to finally get there is a great feeling," Mr Kontelj said, still pedalling hard.

Under the terms of the Guinness Book of Records he had to maintain an average speed of 20km/h and was allowed one five-minute break every hour which he accrued for less than three hours sleep.

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