Man hiccups for five months (and counting)

A musician who has been hiccuping for the last five months has launched a blog in an attempt to find a cure.

Christopher Sands says he has not slept or eaten properly since the bout began in February and he is now unable to concentrate on his music.

The 23-year-old from Lincoln has been recording his experience on the social networking site MySpace in “The hiccup diary”.

One entry reads: “Just had a really bad attack, I couldn’t breathe ... I have tears streaming out of my eyes ... really bad. I’m litterally (sic) getting my breath back now... that was bad.”

Mr Sands said the affliction - caused by a sudden involuntary squeezing of the diaphragm - makes him vomit after meals and has even landed him in hospital.

He has tried every home remedy, from drinking water from the opposite side of a glass to holding his breath, and has now enlisted the help of friends travelling abroad in the hope they may come across a cure.

He believes the problem may stem from an acid reflux problem he was diagnosed with as a child, which means a valve in his stomach is damaged, but he said that doctors have so far been unable to help.

The only thing that brings relief, he says, is drinking alcohol. “I wonder if the doctors are just going to start prescribing me vodka,” he writes. “It probably didn’t cure them i was just too drunk to care.”

Source: Telegraph
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