Man swallows diamond ring due to failed marriage proposal

ProposalWhat will you do if your girlfriend rejects your marriage proposal? Apparently, a heart broken man swallowed the diamond ring after his girlfriend refused his marriage proposal!

30 year-old Mr Xiao of Chongqing had prepared a sumptuous home-cooked dinner, decorated his apartment with roses and purchased a $396 diamond ring for the special occasion.

Initially, everything went smoothly -- untill Mr Xiao surprised his girlfriend with a diamond ring. Miss Xue immediately seemed annoyed and commented that it was too soon, as they only knew each other for a couple of months. She also explained that her parents didn't like him and would not allow her to marry a man with a 6 year-old daughter from a previous marriage.

Mr Xiao then drank two bottles of red wine and one bottle of hard liquor after Miss Xue left his apartment about 11pm.

At around 5am, he tried calling her, hence waking her up. As she was in a very bad mood, she told Mr Xiao off, which triggered the heartbroken Mr Xiao to swallow the ring in rage!

After cooling down moments later, Mr Xiao called for emergency medical help and doctors safely removed the ring from his stomach.

Well, maybe it's time for him to start watching JDrama's 101 Proposals That down-on-his-luck man had gone through 99 arranged dates without success, but never gave up!

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