A modern high seas adventure in a reed boat

Reed BoatSome scientists will go to amazing lengths to prove a theory. Botanist and archaeologist Dominique Görlitz is no exception. He's setting sail to cross the Atlantic -- against the wind -- in a reed boat.

Long before Columbus or the Vikings ever set foot on American soil, Stone-Age man made regular trans-Atlantic trips in reed-hulled sailboats, according to Görlitz' theory. The ancient mariners could have established trade routes between the Americas, Europe and Africa by making use of the Gulf Stream and prevailing winds as many as 14,000 years ago.

To test his theory, the 40-year-old German, accompanied by 11 volunteers, will attempt the journey of over 6,000 kilometers, setting sail in the Abora 3, a 41-foot-long (12.5-meter), 12-foot-wide (3.7-meter) boat made completely out of reeds and rope, from New York on July 11 and hoping to land in Spain within 65 days.

Hailing from Germany, Norway, Bolivia and the US, the crew of the Abora 3 will have to endure the elements of the North Atlantic -- during hurricane season -- without the comforts of even an onboard toilet. However modern technology will be along for the trip including satellite communication and navigation, emergency transmitters and three inflatable rafts with room for 12.

Reed Boat
Source: Dw-world.de
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