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Musipen Concept MP3 Player

Just when you think there's no end to MP3 players with iPod-like designs, we've been pleasantly surprised with the cool, gorgeous design of the Musipen MP3 player.

This Musipen MP3 player is fresh out of the design room with a rounded glowing screen, twisty-knob controls, and a gorgeous power button. Designed by Chris Williams, this gadget is exceptionally innovative, freeing us from the limitations of today’s boring imitations and unoriginality.

Not only does the cylindrical form of the Musipen allow an increased screen space, but consequently the controls are very simple. Twisting and sliding each edge of the player navigates through menus and adjusts volume. The imaginative design would certainly provide a welcome change to the MP3 player industry.


More images after the jump.

Links & Images: Anything But iPod via Techfresh
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not that fresh. sony has this design since days of the cd player and md players (yes...cd players, that long ago). the design is exactly like the headphone controller on many models of sony stuff, just older so the technology for flash media and vibrant display wasnt there yet, but the interface is EXACTLY a rip off sony.

take a look. you got you twisting end with pushable button on the top, some sort of display in the middle. shape is the same, function the same, user interface the same, just technology era is diff.


I bet ur a lot of fun at parties

Id have one you stick with your boring ipod mate

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