No Time For Pets? Rent One

A dog for rentA California company has begun offering FlexPetz, a new service for dog-lovers who just don't have the time to care for a pet, or the space.

The "shared dog" service is available in Los Angeles and San Diego. Its founder hopes to open new locations in San Francisco next month, New York in September and London by the end of the year.

Hanging out with man's best friend has a price. The annual fee runs about $100 a year. FlexPetz customers then make a monthly payment of about $50. A per-visit charge runs about $40.

The FlexPetz founder said only dogs with social temperaments are picked for the program. The current 10-dog crew includes Afghan hounds, Labrador retrievers and Boston terriers.

Source: Wgal
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Mandy said…
Am I the only one that thinks stuff likes this makes Americans look so materialistic and so obsessed with money… that they are willing to pay EXTRA to not take care of a dog but have the looks one. Appalling.