Nuclear Rifle

A rifle capable of launching nuclear weapons was built in 1962. But there is a drawback to this weapon. It did not have a far enough reach to prevent its operating crew from being radiated. Imagine the chaos this weapon would bring if it didn't have such a drawback.

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Anonymous said…
I've seen one of these Davy Crockett weapons in the museum at Watervliet Arsenal. The video called this a failed weapon and a desperation weapon. The smugness is infantile.

In 1962 the major threat to the world was the Soviet Union. The major military threat they presented was a massed tank attack through the Fulda gap in Germany. The West could not match them tank for tank.

Davy Crockett, if you have forgotten that history as well, died as one of the defenders of the Alamo. That battle slowed the Mexican advance into Texas long enough to allow Sam Houston to prepare forces to oppose them. The Davy Crockett rifle and the new Davy Crocketts manning it would have done the same for the West by disrupting and delaying a Soviet attack.